Early Child Care Program Dallas, Texas (TX)

Lessons learned in early childhood are remembered for life. At Eastridge Academy, we incorporate value-based learning in our early child care program. Along with gearing infants and toddlers towards age-appropriate learning and independence, we inculcate virtues like honesty, respect for others, integrity, fairness, and equality through our early childhood daycare.

Our early childhood education strikes a perfect balance between academics, sports, arts, and culture while nurturing values in kids. Using a holistic approach, our early learning academy aims to groom children for schooling as per local, state, and federal educational guidelines. We offer kids a platform in their early years to identify their liking of sports, music, language, and more. For this, we have experienced teachers to ensure the best for your kids.

The safety and security of the children are our priority, always! Right from installing cameras in the classroom to following safety protocols, we leave no stone unturned to ensure the utmost safety and security of our kids.

We assure parents a worry-free experience by offering services such as bus facility to L.L. Hopkiss and Danny D. Rodgers Elementary School and offering additional services such as holiday and summer camps when school are closed.

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How do you keep the classroom clean?

Our infant classrooms are a shoe-free environment. We wash our crib sheets daily and use a 3-step sanitizing process on changing tables and throughout the classroom. We also have an on-site cleaning crew which allows our teachers to focus on the children.

Do you have cameras in classroom?

Yes, safety and security are one of our core values.

What type of training do the teachers participate every year?

Our training platform starts with our new employee orientation. Along with our annual in-service training day, Team Members participate in “Lunch and Learns,” staff meetings, and are provided with curriculum manuals with built-in professional development.

Is your curriculum aligned with local public and private school?

Yes, our curriculum is aligned with local, state and federal educational guidelines.

Do you have cameras in classroom?

Yes, safety and security is one of our core values

Will my child learn a foreign language?

Yes, we introduce Spanish in our second language library.

Do you bus to and from my child’s school?

We provide busing to L.L. Hopkiss and Danny D. Rodgers Elementary School

Is there an opportunity for homework help?

Yes. A portion of our schedule is dedicated to helping your children with their homework.

Can I drop-in my child on days when their elementary school is closed?

Yes, when we are open and local school are closed we provide drop-in care for currently enrolled families for an additional cost. We also offer holiday and summer camps for those extended breaks to existing and new families