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Your child will enjoy three large playground areas that are equipped with the latest age appropriate equipment. Other activities include a tennis court, basketball court, soccer field and a picnic area for parents to visit and observe while their children play. Activities include Computer/Library Audio Center, Outdoor Tennis Court, Soccer Field, Basketball Court, Volleyball, Hockey, along with various arts & Crafts. playgroundplaygroundplayground

Eastridge Academy provides an orderly and structured environment. Our students, Preschool, Kindergarten, and staff, are required to wear uniforms. We also believe that uniforms will reduce the expense of purchasing different clothing throughout the year.

HallwayWe take pride in our safety policy. The facility is equipped with a 24 hour Closed Circuit Monitoring System of all classrooms, play areas, along with the entire facility to ensure that only those that are authorized are allowed to enter our school. The facility is also equipped with a state-of-the-art Hand Geometry Security System and double access control entry system.

Computer labOur Students will be able to communicate and exchange ideas with our sister schools around the world. Our onsite computer instructor is trained to instruct and challenge the students to create, explore, and formulate with the best computer system designed and set up exclusively for Eastridge Academy. The Eastridge Academy curriculum is enriched with fun filled computer lessons every other day. Each of the exciting and animated lessons makes the curriculum come alive. There are more than 100 types of software to choose from. Many of them are coordinated with the lessons taught in class, so the children continue to learn while they are having fun. At Eastridge Academy, we believe that the more senses involved in learning, the better the children will remember what they have been taught. With computer lessons, children improve their motor skills and hand-eye-coordination significantly by practicing skills such as learning to use the mouse and keyboard. Using educational programs like Jump Start and Disney Preschool, children learn basic concepts of shapes, colors, sequencing sizes, and letters of the alphabet with hands-on computer activities. Our outstanding programs for the students include Fisher Price, Reader Rabbit, The Learning Company, Creative Wonders, and Davidson Learning Centers software that teach the children phonics, reading, math skills, and critical thinking through colorful games and activities. The trained teachers will individually determine the skill level of each student and assign the software for every class accordingly. Each of the games stimulates the children's minds and reinforces academic learning. The Eastridge Academy's computer program is truly unique and wonderful, and children will develop and enhance their knowledge greatly.

This center is equipped with a reading and audio library. We believe that children love to learn new things and a reading and audio book library full of delightfully illustrated books and tapes will help our children develop their language and listening skills.

We provide a nutritious and healthy breakfast snack, hot lunch and afternoon snack daily. A monthly menu is provided to all parents.

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